Cloud Forecasting & Inventory Planning

iForecast is an SaaS procurement platform.

Any where, any time, secured access & real-time management.

  • Immediate use
  • Reduce inventory cost > 20%
  • Increase customer satisfaction rate > 30%

iForecast helps enterprise to forecast future demand and optimize inventory.

iForecast enables enterprise to increase customer satisfaction & inventory turn rate.

iForecast = Forecast + Optimize + Big Data Analytics

Based on the proven industry forecast analysis and inventory optimization model with Big Data Analytics Technologies

iForecast benefits

Using iForecast platform to quick analysis the sales history and generate future demand forecast, optimize current inventory structure to decrease the inventory cost and increase inventory turn rate. Increase the customer satisfaction.

iForecast supports web and mobile Access

Giving you access and control to your sales forecast & inventory activities anytime anywhere!
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iForecast features Simple to Operate, Immediate use now

Demand Forecasting

Embedded 10 forecast methods or choose the best automatically

Inventory Planning

Calculate Safety Stock, Re-Order Point, EOQ, Stock Max base on statistical models

KPI Mornitoring

Mornitoring forecast accuracy, inventory turn rate & inventory status

Analytics and Reports functions

Demand exception & inventory repots that can be exported and customized


  • Sales Analysis for front store
  • KPI tracking including fill rate, supply lead time etc.
  • By Store/Product/Demand type forecasting
  • More than 10 forecast modeling
  • Dynamics forecast visualization
  • Automatic summary by hits and number
  • Using existing historical data for model matching
  • MAD, MAPE, RMSE error calculation method
  • 10 candidate forecasting models can be configured
  • Automatically selects the best fit forecast model according to the minimum error
  • Error calculation time window can be configured
  • Safety stock calculation based on the fill rate target
  • Consider the fluctuations of supply and demand lead time
  • Industry standard urgent order quantity calculation
  • Flexible customer defined maximum, minimum values
  • Visualization of inventory structure

Data Security

There are multiple tools within Microsoft Azure to safeguard data according enterprise security and compliance needs. Data are not held in the same place and broken up into different places:

  • Data in production
  • Data not in production.
  • Data In-Transit
  • Data In-Use

In addition, there are encryption, malware detection, firewalls, 24/7 monitoring and disaster recovery initiatives in place.

About Us

iForecast is a specialised provider of cloud demand forecasting and inventory planning service.

iForecast offices in Shanghai, Hongkong.